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In today's market electric bikes are fast becoming one of the most popular modes of transportation. Because it is such a fast growing market there are lots of brands and companies making all kinds and styles of E-bikes. The question is: with all of the different kits and bikes on the market how do you make sure that you are getting one that will last you for years and give you the best riding experience.

It has been our experience from 20 years of selling e-bikes that not all E-bikes and kits are created equal. Many online brands have little-to-no technical support, parts, and customer service. These cheap online bikes are great as long as they do not have any issues. However, when you do have an issue, many times it can be extremely hard or almost impossible to get the support/parts you need to fix them. 

We have chosen brands from within the industry that offer some of the highest quality and best riding electric bikes in the world, while having a dedicated service network. We have been selling and services Giant's (Giant, Liv, & Momentum) electric bikes for the last 20 years, and we absolutely love the quality and the customer service they offer. Our line of Gazelle Ebikes have are manufactured in the Netherlands, where Gazelle has been making quality bikes for over 125 years. Our third brand, Aventon, offers a more budget friendly ebike that have wheel motors and throttle assist. 


Mid-Drive Ebike Costs

Torque based mid-drive electric bikes like the models from Giant and Gazelle range from around $2100 to $8000. We find with this Mid-Drive technology level that the bikes cost about $2000 over their traditional bike counterpart. This means that a $3000 electric bikes would have similar components and frame design as its $1000 analog counterpart, and a $5000 ebike would compare to a $3000 analog bike.

Hub-Motor Ebike Costs

More basic ebikes with hub range in price from $1500-$2200. They tend to have around a $1000 difference between them and their analog counterpart. This means that a $1500 wheel motor ebike would be similar spec to a $500 traditional bike.

Average Ebike COST

We stock a full range of ebikes from $1500 up to $7000 with our average price being around the $3500 price range. 


Giant/liv/momentum ebikes

Our Giant (Giant, Liv, and Momentum) e-bikes use a combination of mid-drive Yamaha motor and Panasonic battery system, while Giant is engineering the electronics and controls. These bikes have six sensors that measure torque, speed, cadence, motor speed, slope angle, acceleration, and deceleration. They use the data from these sensors to give the rider 5 levels of assistance as well as an auto assist mode. The Giant Ebikes are equipped with onboard Bluetooth, which allows the consumer to connect their smartphone to the bike via the Giant RideControl App. This allows you to track distances, tune the motor, and run diagnostics on your bike. We can also connect these bikes to our computer systems via the Bluetooth connections to run diagnostics and update firmware. 

Gazelle EBIKES

Our Gazelle Ebikes are powered by a mid-drive Bosch motor and battery system. This high quality system has 4 levels of assistance and can be upgraded to include full color screens and Bluetooth connectivity. We can connect to the bikes via Bosch's service software to make sure your bike is on the latest firmware version and run a diagnostics scan of the system. 

Aventon EBIKES

Our Aventon Ebikes come with a hub motor, which gives you the option of using a throttle exclusively. While the assist on these bikes bikes is not as smooth, the 5 cruise control levels let you set just how fast you want to go. The pedal assist works by accelerating you up to a set speed when the cadence sensor registers that you are pedaling. 


While range is very dependent on how the bike is being used, we have seen some averages in our customers usage.

Mid-Drive EBike Range

500Wh Battery: 40-60 Miles (in Valley Hilly Terrain) 60-90 Miles (on Flat Terrain)
400Wh Battery: 30-50 Miles (in Valley Hilly Terrain) 50-80 Miles (on Flat Terrain)

Hub Drive EBike Range

With Throttle: 10-20 Miles
Without Throttle: 20-50 Miles


Electric bikes come in many styles to handle any ride. Which bike is right for you?


Everything you love about road riding, with an added boost of pedal power. Whether you are commuting to work, doing a multi-hour road ride, or just riding for pleasure, these cutting-edge road E-bikes help you conquer tough climbs, extend your ride, and get there faster. They are available in either 20 or 28 mph options, and are built for riding paved roads.

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Not sure what the day has in store, and want to be ready for anything? Giant’s Adventure electric bikes offer a smooth and comfortable riding experience—even as you head off paved roads. So go ahead, see where that trail leads to and still make it home on time.

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Climb steep trails, conquer high peaks, and extend your singletrack adventures. Our collection of electric mountain bikes includes everything from XC hardtails to full-suspension fun machines for more technical terrain.

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Momentum E-bikes represent a smart transportation solution that’s way more fun than a train or a bus. Our easy-to-operate electric bikes give you a seamless boost of pedaling power so you can ride farther and faster with less effort.

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