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It has been our experience from 20 years of selling e-bikes that not all E-bikes and kits are created equal. Many online brands have little to no technical support, parts, and customer service. These bikes are great as long as they do not have any issues. However, when you do have an issue, many times it can be extremely hard or almost impossible to get the support you need. 

We have chosen brands from within the industry that offer some of the highest quality and best riding electric bikes in the world, while having a dedicated service network. We have been selling and services Giant electric bikes for the last 20 years, and we absolutely love their bikes and the customer service they offer. Our other main brand, Yamaha Bicycles, we have just recently started carrying. However, Yamaha has been building Electric Bikes and E-Bike motors for over 20 years, and they have a great customer support and service system. 

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Our E-bike Experience



We have been carrying Giant Electric bikes for the last 20 years, and while the technology has changed drastically since those first bike, their customer service and excellent quality has remained.  We love Giant electric bikes because of their high quality, natural feel, long range, and excellent customer support.

We first started carrying Giant e-bikes in the early 2000's. The first bikes that they made were lead acid units and only got about 10-15 miles per charge. We would tear apart and rebuild the battery packs, and some of our customers put thousands of miles on those original bikes. The next generation upgraded to nickel metal batteries, and again these bikes ran for thousands of miles with battery replacement. The switch to lithium ion battery packs was momentum, however. It has created bikes that have batteries that outlast the bike. We currently have customers on their Giant e-bikes with over 12,000 miles on their bike and are still running the original batteries. 

All of Giant's new electric bikes are using Yamaha electric motor and Panasonic Battery system to power them. However, the computer running the system is what gives the Giant e-bikes their extremely natural ride feel. 

All Giant electric bikes come with a 2 year motor/battery warranty, and a lifetime frame warranty.

Liv and Momentum are Partner Brands of Giant and thus have the same technologies and warranties as the Giant



Liv is Giant Bicycle's women's brand that makes all of Giant's women's bicycles including their women's specific electric bicycles. 

All of Liv's e-bikes use the same motor, battery, computer system that the Giant electric bicycles do. They just are made especially for women with a custom women's specific frame design, feminine colors, and.

All Liv electric bikes come with a 2 year motor/battery warranty, and a lifetime frame warranty.


Momentum Bicycles

Momentum is another partner brand to Giant Bicycles. They use the same Yamaha motor and Panasonic battery systems that we see on our other Giant and Liv electric bikes. 

Momentum is made for the recreational rider with non-gender specific models available in both step-thru and tradition double-diamond frame styles. The upright sitting positions, large saddles, and recreational intent of these bikes make them favorites for people who want the most comfortable ride possible. The low step-thru frames are perfect for those who want an easier and safer way to mount and dismount from their bike.

All Momentum electric bikes come with a 2 year motor/battery warranty, and a lifetime frame warranty.


Gazelle Electric Bikes

Royal Dutch Gazelle has been making bikes for more than 125 years in its factory in Dieren. They focus on safety and comfort in an attractive design fitted with the latest innovations. You'll enjoy being seen on a Gazelle bike when you're out and about on a bike like the Dutch. Gazelle's Ebikes feature a mid-drive Bosch Motor/Battery system that offers great range and very smooth assistance.  All of Gazelle's electric bikes come with a  a 10-year warranty on material and manufacturing defects on the frame and non-suspension front forks covering normal treatment, use, and maintenance. A 5 year warranty period applies for front suspension forks, and paintwork on the frame and the front forks. All other parts on your bicycle are covered by a 2-year warranty subject to normal use and maintenance.


Aventon Bicycles

Aventon ebikes feature a rear hub motor system with class 1, 2, and 3 options. All of Aventon's Electric bikes come with a throttle as well as pedal assist. The throttle can be removed if you want to turn the bike into a class 1 configuration. Aventon's Ebikes are our budget friendly option with prices starting at just $1500 fully assembled. 


Aventon Electric Bikes come with a 1 year warranty on the Frame, Motor, Battery, and Components. 


Yamaha Electric Bikes

We started carrying Yamaha's electric bikes in 2019 after our great experiences working with the Yamaha motors on our Giant Electric Bikes. There was not a local dealer and we had customers requesting to ride the Yamaha e-bikes. We talked with Yamaha and really liked what they had to offer and in the fall of 2019 we got our first bikes from them. 

Yamaha e-bikes are built around their motor system, but Yamaha also produces their own frames, batteries, and controls for these bikes. Because of the high amount of integration within the bikes, they have a very natural ride feel.

All Yamaha E-bikes come with a transferable 3-year warranty on the frame, motor, and battery. What sets them apart from the rest of the inventory is that the warranty is transferable to another owner.


SUN Electric Trikes

We carry the Sun Bicycles adult electric trikes. These fun bikes have a front wheel motor that does up to 10 MPH and they have both pedal assist and throttle activation options. 


All Sun alloy and steel frames are warranted for the lifetime of the original retail buyer. If at the time of warranty, Sun does not have available an equivalent frame, the consumer may be offered a complete bike at a discounted price..

All Sun forks, parts, and components including electric bike and electric trike motors & electronic parts (except wear items such as tires and grips) are warranted for one (1) year from the date of purchase of the original retail buyer.

All electric bike and electric trike lithium-ion batteries are warranted for one (1) year or have not been charged more than 500 times (whichever comes first) from the date of purchase of the original retail buyer with the following exceptions. The battery warranty does not include damage from power surges, improper charging, use of unapproved chargers (only original equipment charger is approved), improper storage, not charging at prescribed intervals, water damage, or normal wear.